Greeting from Representative Director

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Greeting from Representative Director

Greeting from Representative Director

Japan Association of Management System Certification Bodies (JACB)
Chairman Noriaki Kobayashi
(Japan Quality Assurance Organization)

Japan Association of Certification Bodies (JACB) was established on April 2000 by the certification bodies conducting certification activities in Japan, which are accredited by accreditation bodies under IAF, such as JAB and ISMS-AC (former JIPDEC).

We are a leading industry body of management system certification services as well as one of the core members of IAF as an associate member.

Our main targets are developing third party certification of management systems in a strong way, enhancing our quality of certification activities, and promoting certification bodies’ businesses in Japan. We would like to introduce our activities as followings;

  • Cooperation and exchange of knowledge and information about management system standards certification
  • Proposing our opinions at home and abroad based upon study of certification systems
  • Establish our guidelines about certification activities
  • Exchange information with relevant institutions at home and abroad
  • Public relations through our website

We would like try our best to have certification standards and systems widely used, from the viewpoint of third party certification.

I am appointed Managing Director of JACB on April 2018. My policy this year is as remarked below;

  1. Promoting third party certification systems in terms of reliability
  2. Brainstorming mutually by JACB member bodies
  3. Transition of 2015 versions and how to utilize the revised standards effectively

On the subject of reliability, we found some cases of product quality falsification problems by Japanese big businesses in 2017, in which some organizations have been certified by our members. We would like to deal with this issue in cooperation with the relevant official bodies as well as accreditation bodies, enhancing reliable certifications for our society to fully understand the situation and to satisfy our certification activities.

Second; we have five technical committees, in which all the members improve their competencies. Information and knowledge communication is the vital issues for us to conduct certification audits every time.

Last but not least, this year is the last year of transition into the 2015 versions about ISO9001 and ISO14001. The revised standards are primarily intended harmonization with general management of organization. On and after September 15th, deadline of transition, we find it important to jumpstart into more highly sophisticated stages. Public acceptance is our major target in going along with the revision, I suppose. On the other hand other standards such as ISO45001 have been issued in line with the 2015 versions. We would like to promote detailed information appropriately to the public. Our technical committee will actively conduct our research and audits.

We hope you understand our endeavor and we are quite happy to receive your suggestions to our activities.