Message from the Representative

I am pleased to announce that I will succeed Mr. Ryoichi Kanno, President of JIC Quality Assurance Corporation, as Representative Secretary of the Japan Association of Certification Bodies for Management Systems (JACB), starting in fiscal year 2024.

JACB is an association of management system certification bodies accredited by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) that operate in our country. It was established in April 2000. The objectives of JACB are to enhance the quality of ISO management system certification, elevate the status of certification bodies, and contribute to the healthy dissemination and development of third-party certification systems.

To achieve these objectives, we engage in various activities such as research on certification systems, exchange of knowledge and information related to certification systems, dispatch of representatives to committees and meetings related to certification systems, and communication with relevant organizations. We also have a position where we can directly participate in the global rule-making process, including proposing and issuing operational rules and information for international ISO management system certification.

Recent quality fraud issues have not only affected the credibility of companies and the safety of their products but also compromised the trust of customers and consumers, directly impacting the profitability and competitiveness of companies. The importance of quality management has been emphasized once again in the industrial sector, prompting companies to establish more stringent quality management systems and take measures to prevent quality fraud.

JACB will continue to strengthen its solid relationships with accreditation bodies, relevant government agencies, and industries to contribute to the enhancement of quality and competitiveness in industries through the further dissemination of ISO management system certification.

Masahiro Hirakawa
Director of JMAQA

(April 2024)