Message from the Representative

In April 2022, I was honored to be elected as the Representative of the Japan Association of Management System Certification Bodies (JACB) for a fiscal two-year term. I will devote my best efforts in the interests of the members of the JACB as well as for the clients related to ISO management system certifications.

The JACB is a business association of ISO management system certification bodies involved in the certification market in Japan, which should be accredited by the accreditation body members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The JACB was established in April 2000 and has a long history of making significant contributions not only to the members but also to the clients.

The major aims of the JACB are to foster the effective utilization of the ISO management system certifications and to contribute to the sound development and wider dissemination of the third-party accreditation scheme. Our major activities include several technical committees, where various knowledge and information are exchanged, and advanced auditing methodologies are developed. In addition, the JACB has participated in the IAF’s General Assembly and Technical Committee meetings to express opinions representing Japan’s certification bodies and exercise voting rights in relation to the global rules.

Cooperating closely with the related institutions and organizations, we will endeavor to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Japanese industry by wider and more effective use of the ISO management system certifications so that the real value of the certifications can be brought to the clients especially during the explosively changing social and economic environments currently seen.

Ryoichi Kanno, Ph.D.
President, JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

(April 2022)